Our Mission

To give new life to remarkable pieces and enrich the lives of others with their quality and design.


At Saint Atlas, we carefully source extraordinary pieces that exhibit a strong aesthetic and uniqueness, along with high quality and design that make them timeless.

Our goal is to offer a diverse collection of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces that will cater to many tastes and styles, whilst giving these pieces the new chapter they deserve.

We are fascinated by many design eras, including art deco and mid-century, but often there are other pieces that catch our eye and are selected based on their alluring appeal.

We celebrate the imperfections that exist on older pieces, as they tell a story of their former lives and reflect the skill of their craftsmanship and love during their use. The fact that these pieces still exist is a testament to their quality, and so, we now bring these pieces to you, to enjoy in your own spaces.

About Zoey

Saint Atlas organically evolved from Zoey’s lifelong passion for giving life to old items and a wanderlust that has seen her visit more than 50 countries. She spent her time visiting antique stores through Europe, the bazaars in the Middle East and Northern Africa, the markets in South Africa and everywhere in between.

Whilst living in London, her insatiable sense of consuming pre-loved goods over new, saw her visit almost every second-hand store on the lookout for clothing and objects that she still has today.

With a life-long dedication to sustainability, Zoey began selling her own clothing and homewares, before deciding to focus on bigger items that potentially have a larger environmental impact, and so began her journey of sourcing vintage and antique furniture and decor.

Currently, each piece is selected from various locations within Australia, but Zoey’s wandering heart has seen her make plans to source pieces from overseas. 

Soon she will be visiting Europe to connect with sellers, makers and artisans, with the view of bringing beautiful pieces and the essence of distance lands back home, and into yours.