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Extremely Rare Antique Cowboy and Horse Iron Kinetic Pendulum

Extremely Rare Antique Cowboy and Horse Iron Kinetic Pendulum

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Step into the enchanting world of early 1900s Italy with a hand-painted Cowboy, graced by the noble presence of his Horse. 

The pendulum moves with a whimsical rhythm, draped in hues that playfully echo the vivacity of Italian culture.

Meanwhile, the enchanting horse adds a touch of regality, transforming this Italian masterpiece into a mesmerizing emblem of elegance and sophistication from a charming bygone era.

This rare piece is a testament to the era's opulence, where craftsmanship meets artistry.

What a unique decor piece for the home!


48cm H.


Excellent condition for its age. Minor wear. In working order retains its vibrancy. 

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